Best Foods to Eat While Travelling in Train

Most Preferable Foods to Eat While Travelling in Train

The Indian Railways is one of the largest manually operated networks on the world. There are lots of benefits when it comes to traveling with the Indian Railways. Not only is it financially savvy, as well as depending on your budget, it also enables you to choose which type of class you need to travel in. The Indian Railways likewise runs a great deal of special trains in case of peak seasons like winter holiday occasions, puja excursions, etc. Ticket booking and reservation processes are quite easy, and hence, traveling in the Indian Railways is genuinely comfortable.

However, there is a major problem when it comes to one thing – meals on train! Some of the food served on the overnight trains isn’t exactly what you would call the best. Aside from meals served in the Rajdhani or Duronto, it is best to maintain a strategic distance from e catering in train. Food is one of the significant problems that the Indian Railways is handling with. However, this problem can be solved TrainBhojan with the help of irctc online food booking service!

TrainBhojan is an online food order in train and mobile food service center. They have a number of restaurants tied up with them in all the real metropolitan cities and the most imperative railways intersections. Suppose you desire biriyani while on your journey from Howrah to Mumbai however from where will you get a hot steaming plate of biriyani? You should simply, visit TrainBhojan’s online page, enter your train number or name, the journey of your travel and they will show a rundown of restaurants that are tied with them that fall on that route. You can browse through their menus and after that choose a dish of your choice, and they will give you food delivery at railway station that sitting tight for you at the mentioned station! Actually, you can even pre-book your meals on train with TrainBhojan. Deliciously simple, would it say it isn’t?

To Eat And Not to Eat

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your meals when traveling in trains. It is best to keep the food as light as could be allowed and not go for very rich or hot food on the off chance that you have a background marked by getting your stomach upset due to taking hot food. However, make sure that the meals that you have are filling so you don’t always crave for food. You need to make sure that you have balanced meals since you can’t bear to fall sick while traveling since treating it would become really troublesome.
Here are 5 dishes that you can consider ordering when placing your online khana order in train through TrainBhojan:

1. The quintessential Veg Thali:

The quintessential Veg Thali

It is best if you keep away from non veg food order in train when traveling. These take more time to get digested and hence may cause a little problem for you. In the event that you need to keep it light, then settle on the great Vegetarian Thali like irctc jain food in train. These thali’s are extremely filling and is perfect for lunch or dinner. They come with some rice, roti, dal, sabzi and sometimes even papad. You may go for some fresh cut serving of mixed greens as an afterthought too. The amount in these thalis is generally enough for one person, and in the event that you are traveling with a child, then a large portion of a thali would be enough.

2. For the Love of Paranthas:

For the Love of Paranthas

If you are wondering what might make an ideal breakfast meals on train, then go for paranthas and achar or curd as an afterthought. The best option is go for aloo paranthas. The paranthas keep your stomach full, enough to last till noon and the curd helps in digestion and chilling off the body. This is a perfect choice, specially meant for breakfast on trains. You can skirt the omelet and bread that are generally available on e catering in train and choose this dish instead.

3. Go for the Dosa or Idli:

Go for the Dosa or Idli

If you need to keep it light for your evening bite or breakfast, then the best online food order in train is dosas or idlis. In spite of the fact that idlis can be had chilly, dosas become a little hard to eat on the off chance that it has been removed from the heat for quite a while. In this way, dosas are best served hot. That is the reason it is you can order a dosa through TrainBhojan without squinting an eyelid since they make sure that the food delivery at railway station that is served to you is fresh and hot. You should simply keep them informed about the tentative entry time of the train at the specified station. Hot dosas or cooled idlis, whatever you need, TrainBhojan will make sure that you get it!

4. Say yes to the Rice or Roti combo meal:

Say yes to the Rice or Roti combo meal

In the event that you like to eat light for your dinner and have a serious hankering for either rice or roti, then you can go for these combo meals on train. The roti combo meal comprises of a few rotis and a sabzi while the rice combo meal comprises of one plate rice and dal. One combo meal is enough to serve one grown-up. To end your meal with a pleasant or healthy bend, you can go for a plate of curd rice. It improves your digestion and helps in keeping you fit.

5. And it is time for some Biriyani:

And it is time for some Biriyani

Need to eat something terrific while on your journey specially when you ordering from irctc online food booking service? Then the best thing that you can order is biriyani. You can go for non-veg biriyani, yet veg biriyanis are likewise available. Since the biriyani itself is quite heavy, you ought to dependably go for a raita at the side. The curd will help you in digesting the biriyani. In case the dish gets excessively dry, have a bottle of icy beverages close by. This will likewise help in enhancing your digestion.

These are some of the main five dishes that you can experiment with when Choosing TrainBhojan as your travel partner for e catering in train. The best part about TrainBhojan is that it serves hot and fresh food and hence chances of getting food harming are practically next to nil.

So travel safe and travel healthy with TrainBhojan!

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